Buyers of Agro Allied Products Around the Globe

Buyers of Agro Allied Products Around the Globe

Here we’ll be looking at Buyers of Agro Allied Products Around the Globe; how to Buy Your African Foods Online from these Markets. Going to the market is one of my favorite memories from living in Nigeria.

The Sabon Gari market was not the biggest market in Kano, but it was big enough, and within walking distance. From my perspective it was a small city of narrow lanes lined with stalls that spilled over with leather slippers, elephant hair bracelets, silver bangles, thorn and wood carvings, metal works, bright fabrics, and every trinket you could imagine. The market functioned as an open air super market with fruits, vegetables and large bowls of spices laid out for the buyer’s inspection. It was a scene of dust-filled heat, bustling chatter, and the constant movement of children, animals and jostling shoppers.

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You could also shop at one of the large department stores such Kingsway or Leventis Here were your British specialties like biscuits and marmite, as well as chocolate, potato chips, frozen fish and aisles of other groceries. West African High-Life rhythms lilted through the store as you browsed through clothing, perfume and cologne, or books. If you were looking for footwear Bata Shoes was the place to go.

Many of us displaced Nigerian natives would give a lot to visit an African market today, or to stroll through Kingsway once again. But even if you can’t have the shopping experience you can still get the products, just about anywhere in the world, with online shopping. Have your palm oil or garri shipped directly to your door. The companies listed on this page allow you to shop and order right from their web site.

These are listings, they are not referrals. I cannot vouch for these companies personally, so check them out for yourself before sending them your money.

Do you know of a great African market, or perhaps own one? Follow the Advertisinglink at the bottom of this page to find out how to get a free listing on this page.

Online Markets in the United States
Offering the finest South African Biltong and Boerewors in the USA. We are located in Houston, Texas & will ship anywhere in the US.

African Caribbean Traders
This online market sells ethnic products from more than 80 countries and is located in Lawrenceville, GA. Their goal is to enable sellers and buyers of African and Caribbean products to safely interact on mobile and all other devices with the simple aim of providing the best possible service and purchase satisfaction year round. If you live in the Atlanta area check out their home delivery service. The phone number is 888 280 2028.

African Hut
California based market sells South African foods.

Afri Mart
African, Caribbean and Ethnic shop based in California.

Bob’s Red Mill
Specialty flours such as millet and teff, from an Oregon based shop.

Buck’s Fifth Avenue
This market in Olympia, Washington sells every imaginable spice.

Deeskus (Nultan LLC)
Nultan LLC, 10432 Balls Ford Road, Manassas, VA, USA 20109
Deeskus is a grocery delivery service for African, Caribbean and Latin American foods in the US. Same day delivery for selected cities in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Priority shipping to all other locations in the United States. Contact them through their web site or by phone at 1-844-886-6559.

Empire International Foods
We are your around the clock African Market. We specialize in providing all African groceries, including hard to find items. Our line of product continues to expand all across Africa. We ship African groceries to all 50 states in the US and Military bases overseas in 1-3 days priority. Local pickup available at 49 Crown Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11225.

Karoo Kafe
This restaurant in Provincetown, MA sells South African foods online.

Kencor Ethnic Foods, Inc., your online source for quality dried and smoked fish products, now also carries GreatDryMeats! The fish and meats are dried in state-of-the art ovens to crispy dry and smoked with hickory wood for lasting flavor. This company has offices in Illinois and Cameroon.

La Fruteria, Inc.
This Chicago, Illinois market offers Caribbean, African, and Mexican foods. Hundreds of products ready for your table.

Motherlands Finest
This site based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, offers one stop shopping for African food, clothing, beauty products, arts and crafts. Their goal is to provide a place where you can shop for all your African products with peace of mind. Visit their web site to see the wide selection of inventory, which is updated weekly, and even take a look at their interesting blog.
If you live in the New York City area check out this online ordering platform for African foods. You can place individual orders online from one of their chefs, for pickup or delivery, or you can order for a group using their separate catering services. This site currently advertises West African and South African foods, but their goal is to offer foods from all over Africa, and to expand their delivery area as well.

Sheba Foods
Delivery of prepared African dishes in local area (Georgia). Frozen dishes and other groceries shipped throughout USA and internationally.

The South African Food Shop
North Carolina market sells South African foods and grocery products.

Trade Winds Fruit
Here you can find a huge selection of tropical fruit and ornamental seeds, heirloom and rare tomato, hot pepper, herb and vegetable seeds. Also information on cultivation, medicinal uses and recipes. They are located in Santa Rosa, California.

Zobo Marketplace
At ZoboMarketPlace, we want to give you a little taste of home. Wherever you are in the world, we want you to still have access to the foods that have brought you happiness since childhood without the hassle of leaving your home. We strive to offer our customers something they want, putting their desires at the top of our priority list. We provide variety, fresh food items and hassle free shopping. So go on, pick something, and enjoy. This business is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Online Markets in United Kingdom

BareFoot Biltong
Barefoot Biltong is an online company based in East Yorkshire bringing quality biltong and SA products to the UK and EU at affordable prices. You can visit their web site at the link above, email at or telephone them at 079 8030 8158.

The Chilli Pepper Company
Some of the hottest chilli seeds on the market are available at this store, including bhut jolokia and naga morich. These chillis are over a million Skoville Heat Units (SHUs)!! They also sell curries, sauces, fudge and chocolates made from chillies.

This company offers a selection of Nigerian, Ghanaian, Filipino and Malaysian cooking ingredients and deliver your orders next working day to your door, anywhere in the United Kingdom. They also feature recipes on their website for several popular Nigerian (and Ghanaian, Filipino and Malaysian) foods.

Odiega House
Based in the UK, this company sells African and Caribbean cooking sauces and marinades.

Online Markets in Canada

Eat-Sum-More, Inc
Canadian market selling South African foods.

Online Markets in Africa

Naija Market Place
This on-line shop is dedicated to Nigerians in diaspora,to shop in Nigeria and have it delivered to them anywhere in the world. They sell a wide range of Naija foods, snack, seafood and vegetables.

Saffa Trading
This company caters to all expats looking for genuine South African products at a reasonable rate. With so many products in our online catalog you never have to miss home ever again.

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