How to start selling on Jumia (Complete guide)


Selling on Jumia involves offering wide-ranging products for sell to the customers who visit Jumia’s ecommerce platform. Jumia’s content quality control team reviews sellers’ products list before they go live for sale. The platform boasts of over 100,000 products in different categories, including fashion, electronics, home & living, health & beauty, books, and so on.

Jumia claims that the e-store receives, on average, 225,000 potential customers monthly, thirty million number of views each month, and recorded 794,000 sales on a recent Black Friday that held in 2018. With those figures, you will agree that selling on Jumia is lucrative.

However, to get maximum sales, you must adhere to Jumia’s Conditions. So, in this post, you will learn how to register and list products to start selling on Jumia, what the Seller Center is and how to use it, and how to describe the items you are selling to make them stand out. Other things we will explore include image size and how to get images, review, and validation of product list, how to process an order and cancel an order, how to deliver an order and how to receive payment for products. Let us begin immediately to show you how to start selling on Jumia.

Benefits of Jumia to the seller and Buyer

Jumia is an electronic marketplace that allow sellers and buyers to meet virtually and transact safely online.

As a Seller, you will make more sales as more potential customers will see your product listed on Jumia and earn more money from sales.

For the buyer, you do not have to leave your house to buy any item but buy through a mere click of a button on your computer, or a tap on the phone and receive the goods you ordered on your doorstep.


How to start selling on Jumia

Follow these steps to start selling on Jumia:

1. Register

Go to the Jumia market place to fill the form and register.

2. Give accurate information

Enter your email address, phone number, and information of your company like legal name, address, Bank account details with Bank Verification Number (BVN), and so on. Make sure that all information given are correct.

3. Check your email

Then you will receive an email with access codes to Jumia Seller Center.

4. Activate your account

Next, visit the Seller Center page and use the access codes you received by mail to log in.

5. Go through training

After finishing your registration, you must go through a training session for new sellers.

6. Upload products

When your training ends, open your seller center account and use it to upload a minimum of five products to start selling.


What is the cost of selling on Jumia?

On Jumia, the registration is free for all Sellers. However, each sale you make through the Jumia ecommerce platform attracts a fee depending on the conveyance method chosen and the type of products. The charges are in three categories, such as shipping cost contribution, commissions, and Jumia Express fees.


What is the Seller Center?

To start selling, you need to make use of the seller center and understand its capabilities. After registering, you will manage your online store through the Seller Center.

This portal gives you access to the vital information you need to manage your sales, add products, update your product information, see an overview of real transactions, etc.

This portal is a one-stop-shop to simplify the management of your sales account on Jumia.

Here is a list of some things you can do from the Seller Center.

  • Keep an eye on your inventory and update your listings
  • Track all orders of your products that are in Jumia network
  • Start promotional campaigns
  • Use buyer’s metrics tools to monitor your selling performance


How to describe the items to make them stand out

If you want to be successful selling on Jumia, describe your items accurately. The best way to describe the things you are selling is to list all its main highlights (key technical specifications), unique qualities or selling features, functions, size or dimensions, weight, precisely as they are.

Next, pitch what you are selling to show the customers all the benefits of your product and add images that express how valuable the products are to users.

Image size and how to get images

Another critical aspect of selling on Jumia is adding images. I am sure you know that shopping is a visual process so, you may copy and paste pictures directly from other websites.

The image specification for the items you are selling must be 680×850 pixels or a minimum resolution of 500×500 pixels. But they can be as large as 2000×2000 pixels, and you can crop them with Jumia’s image tool. You may submit different angles of the images.

If you do not have an image of your product, go online to search for images with its unique model number.

You may also take a picture of the image of a live product in a studio that follows the Jumai image guidelines.


How to list products

The first thing you must do for your products to be available for the customers to buy is to list them on your Seller Center account.

There are different ways you can list your products depending on the category and the number of products you want to present to the shoppers.

Listing your products is a necessary skill on to start selling on Jumia. See the methods below.

  • List one product at a time
  • Sell Your feature
  • Do Massive creation with Bulk Templates
  • Ask Jumia Content Team to help you list your products

Comply with Jumia product creation guidelines for easy acceptance and follow the tips there to help you succeed with your product creation and launch on Jumia.

See the validation procedure. You could also learn more about how to list products by clicking on this link.


Review and validation of product list

All products you list on the Jumia Portal for sale will be reviewed and approved by the Jumia Quality Control team in 2 working days before it goes live.

  1. To review your active product listings, Login to your Seller Center account and click on “manage Products”; and then select “Live.”
  2. If they reject a product, click on X beside the product, or you will see a little triangle in the Column labeled Visible. (Learn more about the Validation Procedure)
  3. You can then click on “Poor quality or Rejected reasons” to see reasons for rejection by Jumia Quality Control Team.
  4. Next, go to Edit, then “Edit Details” to correct or amend it.
  5. Once the Jumia Quality Content team approves your product lists, they will go live on, and you will start receiving orders from buyers.


How to process an order and cancel Order

Mastering how to process an order is crucial if you want to start selling on Jumia. Immediately a customer orders one of your products; you have 24 hours to get the item ready to ship.

Follow steps below to do it correctly:

  • Go to your Seller Center account every day to find out if you have a new order (You will also get an email alert anytime a customer places a new order for your product).
  • Go to Orders” then select “Manage Orders.A new order will be pending on the orders tab. Follow Jumia Guidelines to prepare (pack you order properly) your package for delivery.
  • If you do not have the item in stock, cancel the order by selecting “Canceled” under “Actions.” Give a reason for canceling the order, note Jumia will charge you for canceling an order.


How to deliver your order

Jumia provides you two essential methods to deliver your orders. They are:

  • Prepare your packages and drop off items at Jumia’s VDO stations: It means that you are responsible for storing all your products, packing the orders, and carrying them to their VDO stations,while Jumia handles the delivery to your customers.  
  • You subscribe to Jumia Express service: Convey your products to Jumia and let them take charge of their inventory and make them available for sale quickly. It means that at each order, Jumia packages and ships the product straight to the customer.

How to receive payment for products

Jumia deposits payment into your bank account regularly and alerts you of the amount.



In this post, you learned how to start selling on Jumia. We showed you how to register, use the Seller Center, process an order, and deliver the same to receive payment for any completed order on the e-commerce platform.

Now that you have this information, what are you waiting for? Register at Jumia today and begin to earn more income daily from the sale of multiple products. You can send us your comments and any suggestions you have on this subject.


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