All payments goes into your local bank account.

If You Fail To Make Money With This I Bet You, There Is No Easier Way Than This When It Comes To Making Money Today From The Internet Legitimately. I said this because there're many scam online business out there today.

To get started with Netcontacts Business is very easy, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and to learn more about the Netcontacts you can spare 3minutes of time to read my mini article below: 

Advantages of this Online Business:

    • 1) No central account
    • 2) No profit sharing
    • 3) No third party payment
    • 4) With the recent features on their site, this means you can now be promoting your products and services for FREE
    • 5) You can easily click within your Dashboard to whatsapp your invitees, rather than calling him or hers
    • 6) It has one of the top online reputations. You can go online later and do your findings yourself.
    • 7) In this business you're the Boss
    • 8) One time activation fee of ₦1,500 for full membership and thereafter you could be making up to ₦100,000 or more per month.


Please Do Not Be Too Excited To Take Any Action Without Reading This Article To The End. So Please, Relax Your Mind And Read Through.

This article will definitely change your financial status in the next couples of days and for the rest of your life!

I am about to show you a Made in Nigeria Platform that is currently generating money directly into my bank account on a daily basis and it will continue.

It doesn't matter how many times you have been scammed, what I am about to reveal to you will regain the amount of money you have lost to those scammers. And if you are new to online business! I congratulate you for starting on the right and genuine platform!

The main goal is to make you earn as you want, regardless of your age, gender, education, work experience, designation, status and stature. It is a program that has come to reduce your financial challenges.

What You Need for this Business:

   1) Internet Access – Either through phone or Computer

  2) Valid Bank Account (Savings or Current)

  3) ₦1, 500 only (One time, you will not need to pay a dim again for life!)

You will be paid One Thousand Five Hundred Naira (₦1,500) directly into your bank account as many times as possible just for inviting your friends to join the website. For instance, if you invite just 2 of your friends to this site a day, they will pay you ₦1,500 x 2= ₦3,000 (Three Thousand Naira) per day. If you invite 5 of your friends that is ₦7,500 (Seven Thousand Five Hundred Naira) daily. The more persons you invite, the more money in your bank account daily. And you know what? You can invite as many friends as possible to join the website every day.

Now Let’s Do the Mathematical Brain Work Here:

With friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors etc and also with the help of Social Media Platforms likes Facebook, Twitter, Nairaland, Netlog, Naijapay, Nanaija, Mobofree, Whatsapp, Instagram, Other Social Networks, Emails, 2go, Phonebook and Bulk Sms Contacts, or organizing of seminars or religious programs getting atleast 12 persons per day is very easy.

No doubt, with the above you  can be getting atleast 10 persons registered on the business daily. Let’s say 3 persons out of the 12 persons activate their accounts that give you ₦4,500 in a single day and in a week that gives you ₦31,500 and in a month that gives you ₦135,000

Another great concept of this business is that; as Active or Paid Member you have access to all features on the dashboard and also, only you have the RIGHT to activate anyone that registered on the platform through your Invitation Code.

One unique thing about this rare website is that all your money is paid directly into your Savings/Current Bank Account every day which you can withdraw ANY TIME!! No Commission to anybody! The money is yours and yours alone.

Yes! You heard me well, you do not need to wait for any unrealistic commission, it is your own business, and all your invited members will pay directly into your Naira Bank Account. What a great and a rare opportunity!

Are You Sure of this? Am I Not Being Scammed?

One thing is clear hear, and that is; the owners of this website or the webmasters do not ask you to pay them, rather they asked you to pay that one-time activation fee of ₦1,500 to the fellow Nigerian who invited you to the Platform, so that all others you will invite will also pay you ₦1,500 each for their membership activation, and there is no limit to this. This is not obtainable in all other online earning sites. The owners of this rare platform (Netcontacts Corporate Services) mean so well for Nigerians and really want to help we Nigerians leverage the internet and add greatly to our daily/ monthly earnings. So, the fear of being scammed should not arise here, because there is no how you can be scammed in Netcontacts Business, unless you are fraudulent or fail to keep the rules in the Platform, which will lead to loss of your membership in the Platform.

...Still doubting the legitimacy of Netcontacts business? Then simply go on Google and do your research "Netcontacts Nigeria" 

Why Netcontacts Business Is Different From Other Online Businesses:

1) With Netcontacts Business, you are your own boss. You are the one that will help people activate their accounts and you will be paid directly into your naija bank account. Whereas if you join other programmes, they will ask you to pay to their bank account. That means you are working for them.

2) Let say you invite 10 people to Netcontacts, you will be paid ₦15,000 direct into your naija bank account whereas if you invite 10 people to other websites you will be paid ₦8000 while the owner(s) cut ₦7000 from your money. They will share 40% from the money you supposed to make. Are you okay with that kind of business?

3) Many online businesses today will asked you to be clicking Ads, Commenting, and Reading News daily before you gets paid which are mostly ₦50-₦200 daily. And funny enough you would be getting probably like ₦2000-₦5000 at the end of the months after multiple tasks. This is NOT done in Netcontacts Business and you can be making far more than that in a day with Netcontacts.

4) No need to request for payment with Netcontacts. Anybody you invited will pay you direct to your local bank account while other online platforms will ask you to send payment request to them before they would pay you if at all they would eventually pay in the end.

5) Can you now see the differences between Netcontacts and others? Are you ready to join thousands of happy families that are smiling everyday to their bank accounts?


Imagine yourself making money online, doing the same thing you have been doing on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Nairaland etc every day? You determine how much you want to make Daily, Weekly or Monthly. i.e 50 people x ₦1, 500 = ₦75, 000 daily, Weekly or Monthly And so on.

Honestly, this is possible. You can get this number of people to pay you.


Please and please; if you have not made up your mind to take action and earn online, I beg you, ignore this article because this business is only for serious-minded people who really want to leverage the internet & achieve certain goals. But if you are ready to take action, then lets continue......



Click on this link to register

OR VISIT:  and use this Invitation Code 158748571158


Kindly check your inbox/spam for Email Verification and thereafter login.


Upon successful login into your Dashboard, you automatically gets to see my details. This is the stage you’ll be asked to make payment of ₦1,500 to the person you joined through his/her Invitation Code.

Note: What this means is that only the person that you registered with through him or her Referral link or Invitation Code as shown in your Dashboard can activate your account.


After payment is made, kindly send me proof of payment and upon confirmation I’ll activate your account within a minute. It’s after your account has been activated you’ll then have full access to NetContacts Nigeria features.  As a PAID MEMBERSHIP you can now start inviting as many people as you like using your Referral link/Invitation Code. There’s no limit on the people you can invite. The more people you invite to join NetContacts, the more you smile to the bank. Isn’t that great? Yes of course!



1. Simply visit their link for tips:

Whatsapp Group Promotion 

I belong to many Whatsapp groups with catchy contents I uses to promote. After registration you can chat me up I will send you the format I uses to promotes Netcontacts Business in different  Whatsapp Groups.

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