How to Start Designing Standard Websites (Master Class Virtual Training)! “4th Batch”

How to Start Designing Standard Websites

(Master Class Virtual Training)! “9th Batch”

We're rounding up our 8th Batch of Website Training this week. While on the 11th of September, I and my Team will be commencing a “9th Batch”. Use this period to acquire a Website Designing Skill with a very low cost you CANNOT get anywhere else. EVERYTHING IS PRACTICAL! 


Step by Step Training: At the end of the intensive training, you'll start designing: Business Websites, Blog Websites, NGO Websites, and Church Websites etc Also footer Removal, Customization, How to download premium Themes/Plugins for free etc

Training Duration: 7 Days Intensive Training

Training Method: "Anydesk Application and Whatsapp"  (With Anydesk we can easily be controlling your system while you sit and learn the A-Z processes of Web Design practically.

Training Material: All  softwares tools and Materials to be given out

Commencement Date: 11th  -17th September, 2020

Requirement: You MUST have a System and WhatsApp


  • Payment from: 6th-9th September (₦ 5,500) 
  • Payment from: 10th -11th September (₦ 7,000)        

Note: After Payment, you'll be added to the Group awaiting the Commencement of the Training. 

100% Guaranteed: Money refunded if you cannot start designing websites after the intensive training

Training Activities:

Day 1 ( 11th September): Introduction, given-out of all training materials, and setup of all installations.

Day 2 ( 12th September): The Dos and Don'ts of website (design)/Training

Day 3 ( 13th September): Training and interactive session

Day 4 ( 14th September): Training and interactive session

Day 5 ( 15th September): Training and interactive session/ Lunch First Website

Day 6 ( 16th September): Training and interactive Session /Lunch your Second Website

Day 7 ( 17th September): General Revision and Mentor-ship


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