Foodstuff Mini Exportation Business in Nigeria

Foodstuff Mini Exportation Business in Nigeria

Here, we’ll be looking at Foodstuff Mini Exportation Business in Nigeria 2020 Secret Exposed! As Nigeria currency Naira keeps on depreciating, don’t you think its time to start Mini Exportation Business in Nigeria, do you know earning in foreign currencies will put you ahead of current less purchasing power of Naira? As others are lamenting you will be smiling,

Briefly, I want to show you an opportunity to make good and legit money in foreign currencies through mini exportation business (and major exportation, if you can).

I desire that at the end of this post, you will take actions with the secrets and information I give out freely I could have sold this information by creating an e-book for it but here we’re getting it free, I know most Nigerians do not value-free things I hope you are not one of those people, at the end of your reading please ask questions and take actions.

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It is my joy always that at least one out of many who read through this post always comes back with testimonies. They get orders, buyers, and make money for themselves.


God provides for the birds but not in their nests, you can pray and faint unless you get up and out to take up opportunity or sell something, God won’t put money on your lap.

Exportation business is a gold mine, apart from exporting to Nigerians abroad God has blessed Nigeria so much with enough natural resources that most big firms into production across the globe will need our raw materials like bitter Kola, ginger, sesame seeds, etc. to produce finished goods

So when you look at the need and high demand for Nigerian foodstuff and agricultural products all over the world you will know that Mini exportation is a gold mine.

Imagine how foods are wasted here, In different parts of Nigerian there are a lot of farms produces that is being wasted, you and I know that. The truth and the honest truth is that the demand for farm produces overseas is overwhelming

And the number of Mini exporters in Nigeria cannot even meet the demand overseas. So we need more people to join this business. Sometimes, I am not able to meet with my own orders from buyers. When you start this business, one thing that you won’t lack is buyers

I’m talking from experience. Let me use one product, for example, to do an analysis for you to see how profitable this business is

1 Kg Ginger that you will buy for N500 (or even less than N350) here in Nigeria is sold for $19 to $21 in Intl market (That’s about N6840 to N7560 Naira)

So imagine you bought

20 Kg of ginger at N500 per kg

That’s N500 * 20 = N10,000 And you now sell this 20Kg for $20 per kg

That $20 X 20 X N360(Exchange Rate) = $400 * N360 = N144,000

So let’s assume

You use another N20,000 for freight and transportation to Lagos and to your buyer etc.

That means your expenses is like N40,000

So you can guess what the profit is

The same applies to bitter kola, honey, charcoal, palm oil, palm kernel shell, okro, ofada rice, cassava, dogon yaro seeds and over 50 things you can export to other parts of the world.

The profits are amazing

As a matter of fact, 1 bitter kola that you buy here in Nigeria for less than #10 was sold for €1 (1 Euro in Germany a few years back) All you need is just 2 orders Monthly and you are sure of a deep pocket.

Requirements to start mini exportation business in Nigeria

These are what you need to start your mini exportation business, some times its all about interest and determination, not just money

  • Required knowledge and the right information
  • Self-determination
  • Phone with an internet connection
  • Little capital

And you are good to go

39 list of products you can export from Nigeria to Other Countries

The exportable foodstuffs to the foreign Countries are

  1. Garri,
  2. Beans Flour,
  3. Melon seed (Egusi Ground),
  4. Ogbono, Cassava Flour,
  5. Bitter leaf,
  6. Dried Ugu leaf,
  7. Palm wine,
  8. Butter production,
  9. Coconut processing,
  10. Pepper,
  11. Tomato paste,
  12. Hibiscus flower,
  13. Yogurt,
  14. Pap (Ogi),
  15. Ukazi leaf
  16. Hot Chilli Pepper – Grounded,
  17. Kola nut,
  18. Potato,
  19. Semolina,
  20. Ginger beer,
  21. Soybean,
  22. Groundnut,
  23. Okra,
  24. Cassava,
  25. Yam,
  26. Honey,
  27. Snail,
  28. Bitter Kola,
  29. Ofada rice,
  30. Catfish,
  31. Shrimps,
  32. Pounded Yam Flour,
  33. Poultry,
  34. Fruit juice,
  35. Cashew,
  36. Plantain Flour,
  37. Palm kernel,
  38. ginger,
  39. sesame seeds, and others

By now, I want you to start Identifying what food products you know of that you can supply. Whether in your village or another place. Start thinking, look at the list over and over again…

Think of who you can ask questions or talk to. This is one lucrative business you can go into with small capital and yield bountifully. 💫 for those of you already into Importation Business. Learning exportation won’t be difficult

Non Foodstuff To Export Out of Nigeria

  1. Nigerian made shoes (aba shoes)
  2. Nigerian made fabrics
  3. Beads
  4. Weaves
  5. Brooms
  6. Charcoal, etc.

The opportunities in this sector are huge just as in importation, reasons being that the number of Nigerians who travel out of the country increases on a daily basis and most of them desire Nigeria foods, Homemade items over there

Am laying emphasis on food because this is where lots of profits come from other goods can be exported too since there are always buyers for different products

So find niche that suit you the most.

Maybe after you’ve mastered your niche, you can start adding other products and sourcing for other buyers little by little.  And you become a successful exporter be it on a small scale or Large scale. Foodstuff is one of the hottest products in demand.

One of the best ways to start this business is to acquire the knowledge on how domestic foodstuff business works

The devaluation of Naira as a result of the fall in oil price together with other economic variables has offered a favorable environment for exporters of foodstuffs in terms of the profit made. As an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to go into the foodstuff exportation business, make sure you have a keen interest in the food business and possess a great deal of passion for it as it’s a prerequisite factor that determines your success.

You can start small and grow the business

Taking Nigeria as an example, we are a country blessed with natural resources, oil products, cocoa, different varieties of food stuffs and plantations. Going international with these products which are in hot demand is absolutely rewarding in terms of profit and personal acknowledgements.

Starting your exportation business in Nigeria isn’t usually as easy as people hype it to be. There is a lot you need to put in place in order to start a successful exportation business. International business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria, owing to the fact that it will expose you to a whole new larger market. And if your export products are legit and sound, boom……there you go.

You will definitely have return customers coming back to order and request for your business.  Honest and Good Reputation is the key behind all successful Export business owners in Nigeria

Dried fish /stock fish

This product is in great demand too

When sending smoke stock fish there are certain things you must consider

  • Don’t send the ones with stones /sand make sure you buy from a good place,
  • Don’t buy from those mallam because their own always have stones


The demands for honey is high

Whenever you are exporting honey make sure you are sending original one, if you don’t know original don’t bother to send.

Palm Oil.

You can package from 5 liters according to the customer’s specifications. 5 liters should not be more than 2000 in Nigeria. It can be gotten from the Southern part of Nigeria. It’s being sold from 18 to 20 euros that 5 liters (over 9,000 Naira) according to your negotiations in the international market

Bitter Kola

It’s needed in the international market and this product will earn you real dollars. The demand is HIGH! As in really HIGH. In the international market its being called Garcinia kola. It can be sourced cheaply in different places in Nigeria. It’s being needed in the Food and pharmaceutical industries. Sells for N12,000 a basket at Osun but sold for N60,000 in the international market.

1kg of bitter Kola is sold for less than $2 in Nigeria. But, it’s sold for above $17 😳 in international market. Can you imagine the profit just from 1kg?

Melon (Egusi) Seed

It is sold for $20 per kg in the International market. But it can be gotten for less than $3 per kg in the local market here in Nigeria. It can be sourced in different states including Benue, Nassarawa, etc.

Gbono Seed

Most foreign countries need it and the price is $20 per kg. You can make up to 100% gain in the ogbono seeds sale. Ogbono seeds can be sourced from Edo state. It doesn’t spoil easily so far its dried up well before packaging.


The demands for Garri is also high but when sending garri make sure you send quality ones without particles, I normally send ijebu, they prefer ijebu  Garri more than any other, $6-8 while common garri is $4-5.

Here’s the thing…

I can go on and on and on listing some of these products that you and I know here in Nigeria. All I want you to see is the high profit margin opportunity. These foodstuffs and agro products are scarce in overseas.

Apart from the Africans over there consuming it, the foreigners (the whites) need these our local products as raw materials for their snacks, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

WHY Foodstuff Mini Exportation Business is a Gold Mine

There is nothing that can stop a man that understands the beauty of starting something he has a passion for. Between 2015 to 2017 there was a significant increase in the number of Nigerian migrating to Europe, the Americans, etc. According to the Global survey on diaspora, about 18 percent of Nigeria is in other countries of the world, in this, Europe and America account for about 10% of this statistic.

As at 2016 alone over 120,000 Nigerian migrated to Western Europe. And now many people are leaving Nigeria because of the economy etc

Why this talks?

Well, you will understand afterward why this talks… I love putting my business mind into play. Listen, Nigerian are very interesting people who like to enjoy themselves no matter what the situation is… A Yoruba man can pay anything to get Amala and Ewedu soup anywhere he is…This is true. Ok, what of Igbo Men or other tribes abroad?

The idea is how many Tons of Garri is consumed every day by these Nigerians in the diaspora? An export survey group did little analysis and it was very disturbing…

From the Nigerian foodstuffs i.e. Garri, Egusi, Ogbono, Palm oil, Crayfish, Snail, Catfish, etc. exported to these Nigerians in the diaspora, 80% of it is been marketed and imported and even exported by Ghanaian, Cameroonians, and Pakistani.

The question is why? Well, it is because Nigerian takes things for granted.

The export business is open for all.

Reasons Why you Should Start Mini Exportation Business in Nigeria

Let me give you a little story…

A cup of melon (Egusi) in Nigeria I mean the milk cup is about N200 (sometimes it’s less abi?).

Do you know what the same cup in Germany is …it cost at the retails shops for 4euro …and that is N1600+ current exchange rate …

That means if you get 1000 cups which is just about 2 tons there. You would have earned 4000 euro (multiply it in Naira and it will give you some millions). please don’t ask me what about the cost of the shipment and other procedures well, this is Agricultural produce.

In the Nigeria Export promotion council…it is on an easier documentation list…it doesn’t need much documentations…it is less weighty and won’t take your tonnages at the ports.

I am surprised why Nigerians are leaving this GOLDMINE to our Neighboring countries to explore.


Nigeria has the largest numbers of people from Africa in the Diaspora.

We should take our foodstuffs to them and stop this trade theft by others.

In my Next Post, I will list out Steps you should follow on your own to Get foodstuff mini exportation license, How to package your product and the necessary documents you need to start your mini exportation business in Nigeria

AGRO EXPORTATION BUSINESS: Discover the secrets how to start exporting Bitter Kola, Cashew Nuts, Ginger, Dried Fish, Pepper, and other Agro allied products to USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Canada, etc from the comfort of your Home. To learn moreCLICK HERE

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